About Us


We are a small family run business in East Northport, New York, USA.

Our soap is made with the most natural ingredients that we can find. For our Organic ingredients, we only use those which are USDA Certified from our suppliers. Superior essential oils and scents are used in our soaps. Most of our soaps are colored naturally from the basic ingredients used to make them. When we do make colors, natural and organic spices and herbs are infused into Organic Olive Oil. Many of the soaps we produce are lightly scented or uncolored for those who are looking for a light, bright cleansing experience. 

Our soap is mixed and poured into molds that hold small batches of 30 bars. The soap is cut one-by-one by hand and stored for at least 6 weeks. As the soap ages, it gets harder and will last longer. Each is then individually wrapped and sealed by hand in unbleached 100% Tree Free paper which is made from sugar cane fibers instead of trees.

I love making soap and I hope you find pleasure in using them.