Special Orders


Custom Made Soaps!

We will make a custom heart shaped soap for your wedding or event!

This bar is a luscious, creamy formula of Organic Oils. You can choose your own fragrance and color. The bar will be wrapped in clear cellophane or tulle with your choice of ribbon color and a personal sticker on the bottom. The label will have your choice of saying as well as the soap ingredient list. These soaps are poured upon your request. These are cold process soaps which require 6 weeks to dry. These soaps must be ordered in groups of 20. It is preferable to have 4 months working time (discuss, pour, dry, wrap, ship).

Many of you are interested in Organic Soap Favors for your event but are unable to wait for a specially made soap. So, now, we are offering a small bar (1/4 of the regular bar soaps) with a paper band label as an alternative. If you are comfortable with a variety of scents and types, these bars will be cut from the existing stock. These bars would be ready for your use in a week to a month (depending on how quickly we settle the custom label and how many soaps there are to prepare). They would still need you to contribute to the design of the label (see pics below).


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils


$5.00 for each Large Heart (3+ oz)

$3.00 for a pair of Small Hearts (.75 oz each)

$1.50 for Small bar (includes paper wrap) (.75 oz)

$0.50 for Tulle or Cellophane Wrapping, Ribbon & Label

Please contact us for more information at valerie@greenwindsoap.com 


Made with Natural and Organic Oils